ACM Multimedia Systems Vancouver, Canada · June 7 - 10, 2023
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Open Dataset & Software

Sharing data and code to allow others to replicate research results is an ideal way to advance the field. To reach this goal, the Open-source Software and Datasets Track provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to make their work available and citable as well as to increase the public awareness of their considerable efforts.

Those who have created a new dataset or open-source software package that is relevant to the multimedia community should consider submitting it to this track. This includes, but not limited to, software and datasets relevant to both traditional and emerging areas, network traces, user or application behavior and performance, both real or synthetic, as well as software from all aspects of production, coding, transmission, use or analysis of multimedia systems. Together with the dataset or source code, authors are also asked to provide a paper up to six pages plus references, in MMSys regular paper format, describing the motivation and design of the dataset/software, and discussing the way it can be useful to the community.

Criteria of acceptance include the soundness of the collection methodology and the value of the dataset as a resource for the multimedia research community, or the broad applicability and potential impact, novelty, technical depth of the software. The accepted papers will be given the appropriate ACM reproducibility badge (details), included in the conference proceedings and presented/demonstrated during the conference. The accepted contributions will be hosted in the MMSys GitHub repository (link), ACM Digital Library, and/or Zenodo. Accepted paper will be published in ACM Digital Library.

Note that it is the authors' responsibility to ensure that all datasets and source code are licensed in such a manner that it can be legally and freely used, at the minimum in academic and research settings (e.g., GPLv2, LGPLv2, BSD, BSD + patents, or equivalent license).


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