ACM Multimedia Systems Conference 2023
ACM Multimedia Systems Vancouver, Canada · June 7 - 10, 2023

Call for Grand Challenge Proposals

The ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys) provides a forum for researchers to present and share their latest research findings in multimedia systems. While research about specific aspects of multimedia systems is regularly published in the various proceedings and transactions of the networking, operating systems, real-time systems, databases, mobile computing, distributed systems, computer vision, and middleware communities, MMSys aims to cut across these domains in the context of multimedia data types. This provides a unique opportunity to investigate the intersections and the interplay of the various approaches and solutions developed across these domains to deal with emerging multimedia data types.

Descriptions: We are calling for Grand Challenge proposals to encourage the MMSys and other research communities to investigate well-defined, objectively measurable, and impactful challenging research problems, preferably doable in 4-6 weeks. Active researchers in multimedia systems will be invited to design novel solutions and apply state-of-the-art approaches to address the selected challenges. Their experience and insights will be shared via 4-page extended abstracts published in the ACM Digital Library, which will likely inspire future research directions and attract more research groups looking for high-impact challenging problems in the interdisciplinary multimedia systems domain.

Benefits for the host company: We look forward to potential collaboration with and sponsorship from high-profile innovative technology companies to jointly host the grand challenges. Compared to the research communities, such companies have first-hand interactions with the latest multimedia-relevant market developments, such as metaverses, autonomous driving, social media, 6G cellular networks, immersive media streaming, and artificial intelligence. In addition, these companies may already have identified challenging research problems with rich datasets, which could result in significant returns in the long run. By hosting a Grand Challenges at MMSys, the companies get to: (i) interact with leading multimedia research groups who participate, (ii) gain insights from the submitted grand challenge reports, (iii) attract more researchers to address research problems relevant to their business and products in the longer term, (iv) demonstrate the companies' interest in innovation and cutting-edge technologies, and (v) identify and potentially recruit talented researchers and engineers.

Impact on research communities: Research communities, especially the MMSys, are eager to apply cutting-edge methods to challenging research problems with real datasets. Being able to compete with solutions proposed by other experts in the field would greatly motivate researchers to strive for the best. Graduate students also get a chance to publish their proposed methods as scientific papers, as well as the opportunity to identify future research problems that will have major impacts in the next few years.

Expected specifications:

  • Short description of the grand challenge to establish its importance and relevancy to multimedia researchers and practitioners in the upcoming years.
  • Definition of the specific research tasks.
  • Evaluation criteria for reproducible and comparable objective performance results.
  • URLs to the datasets, APIs, and libraries, if applicable.

Expected awards: To show the host organization values the Grand Challenge, we recommend $5,000-10,000 award prizes.